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Good news  

My friend is fine ! Absolutely nothing happened to her ! She just spent the week spleeping after her job and she was on a wedding this weekend so she was not available. Maybe she wanted to “disconnect” a little bit. I understand, I do that quite often lol. She called me and we talked for a long time…she is still down though but it felt weird to me because I imagined so many things and then we were having a normal conversation, as if nothing ever happened…which is normal because nothing happened haha.

Anyway, I was just worried for nothing, I overthought this whole situation and imagined everything. So I might be a bit ridiculous right now but at least it means that I care ;)

Thank you girls for your help ! You are so precious omg ;)

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  1. brainstark said: I’m so glad that she is fine and that you don’t have to worry any longer. That’s really good news!! And I also think that you’ve proven to her that you are a really good friend because you cared so much. I’m sure she’s secretly flattered haha.
  2. pheebshalliwellturner said: J’allais justement t’envoyer un message pr demander des nouvelles. Je suis ravie si elle va bien, c’est le principal :) Et toi, tu n’es pas une “bad friend”, crois-moi ;-) And you’re welcome, Tumblr c’est aussi là pour ça <3
  3. thelittlegirlwaitinginthegarden said: oh j’imagine le grand ouf de soulagement que tu as du avoir!
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